Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Mimi!

We wanted to wish Mimi a happy birthday. While we couldn't be with you today, we are so glad to have gotten to see you a couple of weeks ago!

Any reason to sing and have cake, Nicholas loved celebrating Meem's birthday a few weeks early!!

We all had such a good time!

While Mimi was out here she saw that Nicholas did not have an Eagles Jersey that fit this year, and yes, we as a family dress in Eagles gear every game. Notice what he has been wearing this year in the picture below.

A little big in Dad's old jersey.

Game Day!

So, what do you know, we get a gift from Mimi on her birthday...hey, how did that happen?!
He's so proud in his new jersey. We even showed up to the park this afternoon and he shouted in excitement to his friends, "Look at my Eagles jersey!" Now he's ready for the next game, as he has been asking all week if he can watch the Eagles game again! Now, let's just hope this brings them a little luck!

Thanks Mimi! We love you and miss you!

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Mimi said...

Thank you Kelly and Chris for your kindness and generousity. I Loved being with all of you. And, especially loved spending time with Nicholas and Christian. It is like Christmas morning every day I am with all of you. Miss and love you all.