Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More of Fall 2011

Teach a child to play solitaire, and she'll be able to entertain herself when there's no one around. Teach her tennis, and she'll know what to do when she's on a court. But raise her to feel comfortable in nature, and the whole planet is her home.
~Joyce Maynard





In awe

Playing on nature's slide

Fall is a perfect time for us to spend outdoors! The pictures above are from a hike we took a few weeks ago to Twin Falls.

As you all know, Chris' favorite pass time is fishing. I hope this passion is something he will instill in Nicholas and Christian!

Ruby and Tessa came up and spent a few days with us, Nicholas was so happy to be reunited with his hiking buddys!

What do we do on our rainy days in Seattle?
Oh, we manage...with lots of fun!

Happy Fall, y'all!


POP POP said...

My grandsons are quite the adventurers, nice to see that they enjoy the outdoors a lot and they are so damm cute. Love them both.

Mimi said...

I love, love, love the new photos. And the blog shot and quote are beautiful. But most importantly, I Love all of you. Plus I agree with Pop Pop the boys are just so damm cute.

Anonymous said...

The best pic is Christian jumping off the box with Nicholas inside. Ahhh,the joys of brotherhood. Too funny! xoxoxo! Dana